From “Yes” to “I do”; and every moment in between, we are here to help you tell your love story. We want to bring to life the wedding you’ve always envisioned. The instant the bride steps into the perfect dress; to the moment the groom straightens his tie just before his wife-to-be walks down the aisle; to the very last dance on the party floor…we will be there to make sure every last detail is perfect.

We want to get to know you, find out how you fell in love, and what you love so that those elements are represented on your big day. From the day we’re booked, we are here to support and help you make decisions that reflect your priorities. Our planning process is customized to your vision and style. We will be as hands-on or hands-off as you would like. We want you to love the planning process as much as your wedding day. Because extraordinary weddings don’t just happen, they are planned.

Nervous? Don’t be! We’ve got this.


The ultimate planning experience for the couple who want to enjoy the planning process to its fullest. From start to finish, you will get maximum support and assistance creating the wedding of your dreams. Your wedding priorities become our wedding priorities – we will be your advocate, your cheerleader, and your confidant. We are with you every step of the way, to help you make the best, most informed decisions. We will be working behind the scenes doing all the heavy lifting and streamlining the process to be as stress-free as possible. And of course, ensuring every last detail is perfect – because in your dreams, every detail matters.

Our full wedding planning service is the best gift you can give yourself. Your wedding will be one of the biggest and most memorable events of your life. Those memories should be full of love and celebration with your loved ones – not of all the work and anxiety you experienced putting your wedding together. By alleviating the stress of planning and saving you time, you can spend your time doing things you love to do without missing a beat.


For the do-it-yourself couple who have planned their perfect wedding and deserve to enjoy their wedding as guests. We come in a month before your big day to take care of all the final aspects of wedding day preparation. As the Day-of Coordinator, we are there to be your onsite wedding director, trouble-shooter, and support for you and your family. From dawn till dusk, we will be there to ensure all your plans are carried out perfectly, leaving you the freedom to enjoy all the special moments with your family and friends.


For the couple who realize they need a little support planning their wedding. Partial Planning gives you the freedom of being in control of planning your wedding while getting expert advice and support in the areas you think you will get the most benefit. You gain access to our expertise, planning tools, and connections while keeping wedding investments down by having already planned parts of your wedding on your own. We assist you by coordinating with your vendors, setting up meetings and timelines for you and much more. 

We’re excited to hear about your big plans – get in touch, we can’t wait!