We’re so lucky to work with some amazing clients, many of whom end up becoming close friends. We’re very honoured when they take the time to write such kinds words about the passionate work we do here at City Skyline Events. Here are a few of the lovely things some of our past clients have said about our services:


Suzanne and her team were phenomenal. They were organized, professional and thought of everything.
1. Organization – Suzanne met with me multiple times to help me organize my vision for the wedding. She made sure that the vendors understood my goals for the wedding and didn’t let them get out of hand. She also was very cognizant of my budget and made sure that the wedding was beautiful and perfect without breaking the bank. Even though she was a “day of” planner, she gave me a clear timeline and checked in really regularly. Also in the weeks leading up to the wedding, she helped pick up decor, build decor, take me shopping for items that I couldn’t decide on and reminded me of things that I had completely forgotten to do!

2. Day of – My wedding was a 2-day wedding (ceremony and dinner party for a small group of 26 on Friday and then a big party on Saturday evening). Suzanne organized both days and they went flawlessly. Suzanne and her team did all the setup so that I could focus on getting ready and spending time with my family before the wedding! It was all in my parent’s backyard – to make it magical they put up beautiful lighting. They set up chairs, took down the ceremony stuff and set up the dinner tables. When things weren’t where they needed to be, she just made it work without me having to know or be stressed about it. It was just PERFECT.

3. Clean up – Suzanne’s team did all the takedown. They organized for me to pick up the items from the venue the next day. Cleaners were hired so all I had to do was collect my decor and gifts.

It was just the most wonderful experience. I cannot say enough good things about City Skyline Events. The next time we have a big party we will get them to organize it! Thanks so much Suzanne and team!


  • Suzanne from City Skyline Events is by far one of the most amazing people we could have asked to work with. Not only is she does she have a solid understanding of what goes into planning pretty ANY event, but her personality and people skills maker her a total delight to work with. We were so blown away at the incredible Cabaret themed stag party that she put together for us. Every last detail was so amazing!! Our event was cabaret style with live performers (many of them dear friends). She coordinated the entire thing which included weeks of rehearsal (unbeknownst to us) and endless hours of meticulous planning to execute the entire thing as a total SURPRISE to us. We were truly overwhelmed when we saw the whole thing. We could not have asked for a better party. Thank you Suzanne!


  • It was January, and our wedding was in May. We had a venue, a caterer hanging by a thread, and had just barely gotten our invitations out the door when we realized: we needed help. Fast!

    City Skyline Events to the rescue! Suzanne (and her team) took over everything from negotiating with vendors, to sourcing special requests like liquor imports and specific decor lighting. She created an impressive and comprehensive spreadsheet of everything last detail that needed to be arranged for our big day. She worked with us and helped motivate us to accomplish each task, and went above and beyond to ensure that nothing was forgotten or overlooked. She worked tirelessly the day of, and because of Suzanne and her staff we were able to enjoy the most incredible day ever without a single worry.

    Thank you so much for your kindness, patience, and persistence, Suzanne. We could never have done this without you.

    To anyone out there who feels that a wedding coordinator is not a worthwhile investment, remember this: a wedding is a huge undertaking, no matter how lavish or simple. The last thing you want is to be running around, tying up loose ends on the day. There are things you will forget, things you will misplace, and things you won’t even think of– and that’s where having a coordinator is pure gold. We can’t recommend Suzanne and City Skyline Events enough. Thank you for making our day so perfect!


  • Thank you Suzanne and her crew for an extremely memorable evening! I will forever hold it dear in my heart. Your hard work was greatly appreciated!


  • At the time of my wedding, I was 8 months pregnant so the typical stagette party at the clubs was out (thankfully, I dodged a bullet there!)  I had a lovely day poolside with amazing food, fun games, and great friends by my side. I am so thankful for Suzanne for organizing and hosting one of the most memorable events at a pinnacle time in my life (new baby and husband) I highly recommend Suzanne for any event you want hosted. She is the BEST!!